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Ever thought about taking a dip into the abyss of calm with just you, your thoughts, and, well, a tub of saltwater? Welcome to float therapy, also known as “how to trick your body into thinking it’s a noodle” therapy. Here, we’re diving (float pun intended) into the world of sensory deprivation, where the only thing you’ll hear is your heart beating and maybe that one song you can’t get out of your head. Buckle up (or unbuckle because you won’t be needing any belts here), and let’s explore this salty adventure.

What is Floatation Therapy?

Picture this: a spa day meets a science experiment. What is a float tank? Imagine you’re floating in a tub filled with so much Epsom salt that you could season a family-sized meal (but please, don’t taste the water). This isn’t your average bath. It’s a specially designed tank that says “goodbye” to gravity, light, and sound, propelling you into a state of relaxation so deep that even your stress dreams start to unwind.

How Sensory Deprivation Can Benefit You


Physically, you’ll emerge feeling like you’ve been given a brand-new body. Sore muscles? What sore muscles? The salt works its magic, making inflammation and aches a thing of the past. It’s like being cradled by the sea if the sea had a degree in muscle therapy.


On the mental front, imagine your brain going on a spa retreat. The lack of stimuli sends it into a meditative state, making you more zen than a monk on a mountaintop. Say goodbye to mental fog and hello to a mind as clear as the water you’re floating in.


Emotionally, it’s the equivalent of hitting the mute button on the world. It’s just you and your thoughts, in a good way. Float therapy offers a rare chance for some serious soul-searching without the usual life interruptions. It’s like journaling if the journal listened and hugged you back.

How to Prepare for Your First Float

Getting ready for your first float is easier than deciding on a Netflix show on a Friday night. Here’s the game plan: Skip the espresso. You want your insides as calm as the water you’ll be floating in.

Eat something light. Floating on a full stomach is like doing yoga after a buffet—not ideal.

Come with an open mind. The only expectation you should have is to expect…nothing. Just float.

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Convinced to take the plunge into the most chill experience of your life? If you’re looking to feel like a relaxed noodle, achieve monk-level zen, or just escape the sound of car alarms for an hour, it’s time to book your float.


Float therapy: because sometimes you just need to literally float your problems away. Whether you’re in it for the physical perks, mental clarity, or emotional reset, it’s the closest you’ll get to being in space without having to say goodbye to your loved ones.

Ready for the ultimate chill session? Schedule your float today, and let’s get salty (in the most relaxed way possible). Dive into the tub where science meets serenity, and find out just how buoyant your worries can be when you leave them at the door.