Things to Know Before You Float

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What is floating?

Floating is a therapeutic experience for the mind and body. Once you step into our sensory depravation tank you will be floating in warm, super buoyant saline water. The tank is completely dark (no sight), it is sound proof (no sound), and floating in water frees your body from having to touch or engage (no sensation). No sight. No sound. No sensation. Just pure zen and bliss.

What do I need to bring to my float?

Not a thing. We provide everything to help make all of your ailments float away.

Do I need to shower before I float?

Yes, showering is a must. And you are strongly encouraged to shower at our facility before and after your float.
We will provide soap, shampoo and conditioner.

How long is a session?

60 Minutes. 

What can I do to make sure my first float isn’t a bad trip?

  • Don’t crush the caffeine (avoid coffee, energy drinks or sodas for at least 4 hours before your float).
  • A jittery float is a bad float. We want you to be relaxed.
  • Floating after a workout is also recommended.
  • Hit the restroom before you float (and not during your float). We gotta keep the tank clean for others to use.
  • If you have cuts, apply vaseline to them so the salt doesn’t burn during your float. You can also avoid shaving or waxing the day of your float.
  • Avoid touching your face during your float. The salt will sting your eyes and will turn your float into a less than chill experience.

Who shouldn’t float?

  • Guys and gals with fresh ink. If you just got a tattoo please wait a week before you dive in to our tank.
  • Drunk and high peeps. To get the full effect of floating, it’s best to come in on a sober playing field.
  • People suffering from epilepsy should consult with their physicians before floating.

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Yes, women in their second and third trimester are encouraged to float, but please get clearance from your doctor. But if you’re in your first trimester of pregnancy, please do not float.

Is the tank clean?

Yes. Our float tanks are 100 times cleaner than a public pool and a million times cleaner than a hot tub. We go to great lengthens to ensure our tanks are up to your incredibly high hygiene standards.

Can I drown in the tank?

Nah. Just stay face up and you’ll be Kool and The Gang.

Can I float during my menstruation cycle?

Of course, just follow the same protocol you would before going into a pool.